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Investor's Quarterly AUTUMN EDITION 2015

IN THIS ISSUE: Things That Go Bump In The Market - Federal Reserve Interest Rates and Outlook, Canada: Recession or Not; Investment Term Glossary; Living Debt Free - Debt Repayment vs. RRSP/TFSA Contributions; CRA Scam Alert

Investor's Quarterly SUMMER EDITION 2015

Summer Spending Spree, A Greek Tragedy, Portfolio Managers Respond, Cuba & USA Restoring Diplomatic Relations, Update on China

Investor's Quarterly SPRING EDITION 2015

2015 Budget Expectations, Household Debt, Tax Filing Deadline, Family Tax Cuts, Starter Home Blues

Investor's Quarterly WINTER EDITION 2015

IN THIS ISSUE: 2015 Economic Outlook, RRSP Deadline, TFSA Limit, Market Review, 9 Affordable Places to Retire

Investor's Quarterly AUTUMN EDITION 2014

IN THIS ISSUE: Beyond The RRSP; Where There's a Will, There's a Way... Where There's No Will, There's a Problem; Avoiding Estate Litigation; Planning a Vacation?

Investor's Quarterly SUMMER EDITION 2014

IN THIS ISSUE: Second Quarter Review, The Tax Man & The Family Cottage, 2014 Provincial Budget, Snowbird Advisory

Investor's Quarterly SPRING EDITION 2014

IN THIS ISSUE: Spring Market Forecast, Dollar Cost Averaging, Have You Filed Your Return Yet?, Life Insurance VS. Mortgage Insurance, Global View, 7 Reasons Why We Invest in the U.S.


Jamie Golombek's summary of key highlights from the 2014 Federal Budget.

Investor's Quarterly WINTER EDITION 2014

IN THIS ISSUE: New Year Message, Economic Developments, Get The Most From Your TFSA, RRSP Deadline, Current GIC Rates, Simplify With B2B, Outlook for 2014, Canadian Dollar, Tax Time Tips, Distributions Explained

G5|20 Series: Guaranteed Retirement Cash Flow

CI’s G5|20 Series is the first mutual fund of its kind in Canada. It’s designed specifically to meet the needs of Canadians who require a stable, guaranteed retirement cash flow from their investments. After a five-year Accumulation Phase, the fund is guaranteed to distribute annual cash flows for 20 years equal to 5% of the initial investment or the market value at the five-year anniversary date, whichever is greater.


Investor Update - WINTER 2018 EDITION

Tax Deadline; TFSA or RRSP?; Why Contribute to a RRSP?; The Advantage of TFSA Investing Read more...

Investor Update - SPRING 2018 EDITION

Interest Rate Announcement; Ontario Budget Highlights; Election Countdown; Portfolio Manager Market Commentary; Mortgage Stre Read more...


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