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Investor's Quarterly - SUMMER 2017 EDITION

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Interest Rate Increase - Canada Consumer confidence has edged higher as an interest rate hike is on the horizon. The Canadian central bank will release it's next interest rate decision July 12th and it is expected that the bank will raise rates for the first time in 7 years. The rate hikes is expected to be a nominal 25 basis points, with the possibility of another 25bps increase before year-end. This would get us back to 2015 interst rate levels [of 1%] before the stimulus cuts were made to ofset dropping oil prices. 

Employment Up - Canada's labour market beat expectations last month, helping pave the way for an interest rate increase. Across the country, both the goods producing and services sectors added jobs. The number of private sector employees rose by 17,800 in June, while the public sector positions increased by 6,000.

Oh, Canada! - July 1st, 2017 marked the 150th anniversary of Confederation. So, in honour of Canada 150, let's celebrate all things Canadian - we have a lot to be proud of!

Canadian Inventions: Alkaline battery; Artficial pacemaker; Goalie mask; Paint roller; Snow blower; Zipper, and many more...

Popular Canadian Brands: Lululemon; Canadian Tire; IMAX; Molson's; McCain Foods; Roots; Blackberry, Tim Horton's, and many more...   

Canadian Cuisine: Butter Tarts; Back Bacon; Poutine; Tourtiere; Split Pea Soup; Nanaimo Bars; Bloody Caesar Cocktail; Montreal Smoked Meat, and much more...

Reputation - what we're known for: Politeness; Peace-Keeping; Natural Beauty; Freedom; 4 Distinct Seasons; Cultural Diversity; Hockey Night in Canada, Universal Health Care, and much more...

Famous Canucks - from all walks of life: Ryan Reynolds; Rachel McAdams; Ryan Gosling; Michael Buble; Celine Dion; Drake; Jim Carrey; Russell Peters; Mike Myers; Robert Munsch; Margaret Atwood; Mordecai Richler; Frederick Banting; David Suzuki; Wayne Gretzky; Eugenie Bouchard; Mike Weir; Elvis Stojko, and many more...

Test Your Knowledge: 15 Trivia Questions for Canada 150 - How many Canadian Prime Ministers have served durig Queen Elizabeth II's reign? Who was the first host of Hockey Night in Canada? What's the official motto of Canada? Who was the longest-serving Canadian Prime Minister? Click link HERE to the newsletter to access the full Trivia Test on page 3. Answers will appear in the Autumn newsletter. 

Global Markets In Synch - There is a global recovery taking place and it has Wall Street excited. Citi Research is forecasting a 9% return for global stocks over the next 12 months, favouring technology, energy and banking stocks. 

Infrastructure Spending - Ottawa will spend $2.1 Billion on transportation corridors between Canada and International Markets. Up to $400 Million of that will be dedicated to transportation infrastructure in Canada's North. 

Canada Ranked #1 - In a recent ranking for 2017, our great nation was ranked #1 in the world for Quality of Life and #2 in the Overall Best Country category behind Germany.  

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